Event: An Antiracist Somatic Practice Session


February 6, 2021
9am Pacific US time / 12pm Eastern US time / 5pm UTC
75 minutes

Registration required: Register here.

Facilitated by Rolfers Paul Wirth and Tristan Koepke, we will practice several somatic meditations and experiences inspired by the work of Somatic Abolitionist Resmaa Menakem.

We’ll start from the premise that culture is in part somatic, so some of the causes and effects of white supremacist culture may be found in our soma. Exercises will explore sensations, memories, and power dynamics within our somatic experience that facilitate a deeper understanding of the embodied aspects of white supremacy.

Each exercise will be followed by an opportunity to reflect, share, and discuss.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with Resmaa Menakem1 and his foundational book, My Grandmother's Hands, although all are welcome to join us regardless of experience. Please also take the time to reference Liberation Somatics' Guidelines for Open Meetings.

This is a free and open event.

In gratitude of the wisdom that Resmaa Menakam has offered, please consider donating to him directly:

Venmo: @Resmaa-Menakem-1
Cash App: $Resmaa

About the authors

Paul Wirth

Paul Wirth


Paul is a Structural Integration practitioner and Certified Advanced Rolfer™ practicing in Los Angeles. He's interested in the ways that culture, soma, and psyche co-create each other to produce what eventually becomes history.

Tristan Koepke

Tristan Koepke


Tristan Koepke is a dancer, educator, and Rolfer™ based in Minneapolis, MN. He holds a certificate in Rolfing® Structural Integration from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, where he now serves as Chair of the newly-formed Committee for Diversity and Antiracism. He is currently the Associate Director of the Young Dancers Workshop at the Bates Dance Festival and is pursuing an MFA in Dance at the University of Maryland, College Park. Tristan is passionate about cultivating inclusive spaces that promote holistic wellness and somatic practices.

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