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George Fox students Annabelle Wombacher, Jared Mar, Sierra Ratcliff and Benjamin Cahoon collaborated on the mural. Photo Tim Mossholder

Welcome To Liberation Somatics

“The body” is all bodies: In a sense we are a human body collective, a colorful tapestry of diverse cultures each possessing infinite somatic experiences.

Hundreds of years of divergent experiences, traumas, privileges, cultures, castes, and histories create a field where we can choose to invite the bodies of people, many of whom have had little voice, to inform us and teach us.

Liberation Somatics explores how embodied experience is a fundamental site for perpetuating cultural norms and power dynamics. It asks, “How are oppression and captivity, in their infinite forms, experienced by and perpetuated through our embodied humanity? And how can practitioners in somatic fields avoid causing harm and instead contribute to human freedom?”

In the United States, white supremacy is one of the most fundamental and insidious forms of ongoing harm and oppression. Antiracism and an interrogation of racism must therefore be a primary concern.

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